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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Installing Line Fault Indicator?

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The accurate fault circuit indicator is a device or equipment installed on overhead lines, power cables, and switchgear bus bars, which are used to indicate the fault current path. It can help us to take measures for the first time, so as to better ensure the safe operation of the line and provide protection for our production and life. Do you know what common sense we should have when installing and using automated fault path indicators?

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Installation and Use of Reliable Fault Current Indicators


Once there is a short circuit fault, the line patrol personnel can quickly determine the fault section, branch, and fault point with the help of the red alarm display on the reliable fault current indicators, so as to completely change the backward method of blind line searching and sectional fault section finding. The case of digital fault pass indicators is made of high-strength polycarbonate material, which has the characteristics of no fear of impact, good perspective, and corrosion resistance. The clamping line is made of special iron material and electroplated after special heat treatment, which has high magnetic conductivity and corrosion resistance. Due to its reasonable structure, the accurate ground fault indicator can be easily installed and disassembled on line. The circuit part not only adopts intelligent circuit and special chip but also provides two types of 3V lithium battery and no battery for users to choose according to different occasions.



Notes on Line Fault Indicators


Reset Time after Instantaneous Fault 

The reset time after instantaneous fault can be set by the control program during manufacturing according to the requirements of users, which is conducive to finding the instantaneous fault point after reclosing successfully. If the user does not make this request, the automated power line fault indicator can be set to reset immediately after power on.


Difference Between Lithium Battery With 3V and Without Battery

After the line is powered on, the digital fault current indicator with  3V lithium battery will automatically start to detect the fault after 30 seconds, while the digital fault current indicator without a battery will start to detect the fault after 5 minutes.

The automated remote fault indicators with 3V lithium battery requires a line operating current of 25A, while the automated remote fault indicator without battery requires a line operating current of 215a.


Some common knowledge about the installation and use of reliable fault pass indicators has been introduced. Only a full understanding of this can be helpful to the skillfully use of accurate line fault indicators.

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