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What Is the Function of the Cable Fault Indicator?

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With the continuous development of the economy and urban planning, it is very common for the power grid to use the cable to transmit power. The advantages of cable are obvious, such as small surface area, easy power supply, beautiful appearance, no impact on personal safety, power supply stability, and little external factors. However, it is very difficult to find out the fault point because the cable is laid underground, which brings difficulties to cable maintenance. Do you know what circumstances the cable is prone to failure? How to find out the fault point and repair it in case of failure?

automated overhead Line fault indicator



Cause Analysis of Cable Fault


From the fundamental analysis, the most direct cause of cable fault accident is the insulation reduction, which leads to breakdown. The main causes are as follows.


1. The protective layer is damaged by chemical corrosion or cable corrosion, which leads to insulation degradation.

2. Civil engineering reasons.

3. The overload operation of the cable increases the temperature of the cable, which leads to the aging of the insulation and the breakdown of the insulation.


Failure will lead to a large area of power failure, so the repair must be carried out immediately. Because the cable is laid underground and the environment is different from that of the overhead transmission line, manual fault detection is very inefficient. In addition to cable failure, it is also difficult to rely on manpower to check the transmission line fault. In this era when money and time can be equated, it will undoubtedly cause great economic losses to the society to find faults by manpower. The automated overhead line fault indicator produced by CHAOBO Automation Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of all types of advanced cable fault passage indicators, is to solve the problem of cable monitoring and cable fault location.



Function of Cable Fault Indicator


The reliable electric wire fault passage indicator collects the load current and temperature information of the cable by installing it on the cable line. Through the data information fed back to the background by the advanced cable fault passage indicator, the monitoring personnel in the control center can not only intuitively understand the status of the cable in operation, but also set the reset time, automatic reset, maximum load current warning value, and maximum temperature pre-alarm value of the automated cable fault indicator. When the maximum value is reached, some measures should be taken in time to increase the service life of the cable.

advanced cable fault passage indicator


The advanced overhead Line fault indicator not only plays the role of monitoring but also can locate the fault quickly. In case of cable fault, the staff only need to determine the fault area and quickly find out the fault point according to the warning information of the digital cable fault passage indicator, so as to achieve the faster repair.


The appearance of the digital overhead Line fault indicator not only solves the problem of cable fault location but also monitors the running state of cable for a long time. Therefore, it is a very effective monitoring method for some aged and problematic cables. Timely replacement of the reliable overhead Line fault indicator can avoid the occurrence of some cable faults and ensure the power stability and safe transportation of the cable.

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