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What Is The Principle Of The Short Circuit Fault Indicator?

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Brief introduction of short circuit fault indicator

The short circuit fault indicator is composed of electronic components and mechanical structure. It is installed on the power cable and collects the load current of the line when the line is in normal operation; when the line fails, it is a device that judges the electrical short circuit fault of the power line and gives an indication signal.



What types of short circuit fault indicators are there?

One is a cable fault indicator, which is mainly used in power cable lines, ring network cabinets, branch boxes and other cable systems. The subdivision can also be divided into panel type fault indicators, cable line fault indicators, and LCD panel type faults. Indicators, etc.; the other is overhead line fault indicators, which are subdivided into intelligent short circuit and earth fault indicators. Accurate overhead line fault indicators are installed on power overhead lines to detect the grounding and short-circuit faults of the line.

short circuit fault indicator


The power line fault indicator is mainly used to indicate the path of the fault current. After the line fails, the line patrol staff can use the indicator's alarm display to quickly find and determine the faulty section and find the fault point. The fault indicator can also detect the running status of the line and the location of the fault in real time, such as power transmission, power outage, grounding, short circuit, overcurrent, etc. When the line operation status changes, line fault indicators promptly notify the staff on duty and management staff, and make processing decisions quickly, which can greatly improve the reliability of power supply and increase the satisfaction of users. Once a power failure occurs, it will be difficult to find. Firstly, it causes inconvenience to people's lives and interferes with the normal production and operation of enterprises; secondly, it causes greater losses to power supply companies.



What is the principle of the smart short-circuit fault indicator?

The intelligent short circuit fault indicator can be directly installed on the wire with electricity, and the line current can be detected in real time through the indicating detector. When a line failure is detected, the card will be flipped and flashed immediately, and send information to the communication terminal by the short-distance radio frequency communication , then the communication terminal uploads the data to the monitoring center, and sends out an alarm message to remind relevant personnel that the line has a fault in the online segment, so that it can be overhauled in time and reduce the economic loss caused by the power failure.

short circuit fault indicator



What are the characteristics of the short circuit fault indicator?

1. The function of identifying power line short circuit and ground fault.


2. When detecting a short-circuit fault, the line current suddenly changes, and the fault indication is given after the switch is tripped, without setting the action value.


3. It can be installed and unloaded with power on, and no false alarm will occur during the loading and unloading process.


4. Flop display or luminous display can be observed in the range of 360°. In the flop mode, the display card adopts night vision reflective technology.


5. When detecting an electric wire short circuit fault, the line current suddenly changes, and the fault indication will be given after the switch is tripped. There is no need to set the action value and other functions.

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