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What Are the Types, Causes and Preventive Measures of the Short Circuit

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A short circuit in power system is a low resistance connection between two conductors that supply power to the circuit. This will produce excessive voltage flow and cause excessive current flow in the power supply. The current will flow through the "short circuit" path and cause a short circuit.     

overhead electrical line conductors



What are the types of short circuits            

Normal short circuit            

This is when the current-carrying thermoelectric line contacts the zero line. When this type of short circuit happens, the resistance will immediately drop and a large amount of current will flow through the unexpected path.            


Ground fault short circuit            

When the carrier wire contacts some grounding parts of the system, a short circuit to earth occurs. It can be a grounded metal wall box, an exposed ground wire or a grounded part of the equipment.



What are the main causes of the short circuit?

Poor insulation of circuit line

If the insulation is damaged or too old, the hot wire may contact the neutral wire, which will lead to an electrical short circuit. In addition, the aging of wires, nails or screws can damage the insulation and cause short circuits. Insects may bite the insulation and expose the overhead electrical line conductors.


Loose wire connection

If the wire connection or accessories are loose, the live wire and the zero wire will be in contact. If you find that there is a problem with the wired connection, do not try to repair it yourself and call a professional immediately. They will carry safety earthing and short-circuit kits for repair.            


Equipment wiring error            

If the device is plugged into a wall socket, its wiring is essentially an extension of the circuit. Therefore, if there is any problem with the equipment wiring, it will become a circuit problem. Electric wire short circuits may occur in the power line, plug or inside the equipment, so we need to ensure that all equipment is protected against short circuits.



How to prevent short circuit

Monitoring sockets and appliances

Each outlet has a network of connected wires. If there is a problem with the wiring, the box connection is loose or the service life of the socket is more than 15-25 years, electrical outlet short circuit may be caused. Please note if there is a possible indication that the socket is faulty. Similarly, we should also check the electrical appliances and their wiring. Incorrect equipment wiring or cracks in the equipment may cause a short circuit. Therefore, we need to repair or completely replace such equipment.


Reduce power consumption during storms

A short circuit caused by a lightning strike can be very dangerous because a large amount of electricity can cause damage. Reduce power consumption during storms as it helps to prevent short circuits and reduce damage in the event of a surge.


Electrical inspection is carried out once a year

Call a certified professional and conduct an electrical inspection at least once a year. They can identify critical problems and address them before a hazard occurs, because they know how to solve short-circuit problems.


Install equipment to prevent short circuit

Circuit breakers or fuses: a circuit breaker is a switching device that interrupts the abnormal flow of current in a circuit. It uses an internal system of springs or compressed air to sense any change in current. It opens the "disconnect" circuit and cuts off the current. Fuses are devices that provide over-current protection. It has a metal strip or wire that melts when a large amount of current flows through it, which interrupts the circuit.

fault current indicators


Ground fault circuit breaker (GFCI): GFCI operates by comparing the amount of current flowing into and out of the circuit. If there is a ground fault or an imbalance between the incoming and outgoing currents, the GFCI will shut off the power supply. You can also choose to use it with the earth fault indicator. They will work together to help you detect faults and protect circuits.


Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI): AFCI interrupts the circuit when it detects an arc in the circuit, which helps to prevent electrical fires. The function of arc fault indicators is to detect the arc as soon as possible, so as to avoid hazards in time.



If you want to find a short circuit as soon as possible, fault current indicators are the perfect choice for you. It is not only fast but also accurate.

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