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What Are the Common Problems of Line Fault Indicators?

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With the popularity of the smart grid and the continuous development of fault detection technology, there are more and more use scenarios of accurate cable fault indicators. The common faults and troubleshooting methods of accurate cable fault passage indicators are as follows.

reliable cable fault passage indicator



Why Is the Wireless Communication Line Fault Indicator Installed in the Ring Network Cabinet?


The automated cable fault indicator and data collector are installed in the ring network cabinet, with no shielding problem of wireless communication between them. Besides, the GPRS antenna of the data collector can be led to the crack of the door or simply led out of the ring network cabinet if the outer shell of the ring network cabinet is made of iron galvanized sheet and tightly sealed, which will not affect the function of GPRS Remote Wireless communication and automated fault current indicators.



What Is the Location Function of Line Fault Indicators?


The location function of reliable cable fault indicators can collect load current above 3A or zero sequences current above 1A. At the same time, the reliable cable fault passage indicator can also monitor the first half of the line grounding spike current and the change of the line to the electric field.


When there is a short-circuit fault in the line, the positioning function of the digital cable fault indicators can accurately detect the short-circuit fault and report to the master station monitoring center immediately through GPRS. The display of fault information and real-time data, storage of historical data, fault location, dynamic coloring, and accident alarm are realized by the monitoring center of the master station. Also, it will send short messages to several operators. Under the premise of single-phase grounding of the line and the user has reasonably set the grounding fault detection parameters, it can be accurately judged single-phase earth fault as long as the line capacitive current at the moment of grounding is greater than the set value, the grounding phase voltage is lower than the set value, the grounding time is greater than the set value, and the total current after grounding is greater than 6A (or the zero-sequence current is greater than the zero-sequence quick break or zero sequences over-current setting value).

63-2 digital cable fault indicator



How to Judge the Grounding Fault for the staff in the Monitoring Center of the Master Station?


When the number of monitoring points increases, the amount of information in the master station system database is too large to be taken into account by the operators or the company's trusteeship. Therefore, the accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system monitors the state of distribution network lines to assist in judging the single-phase ground fault. Besides, the reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system can give the suspected grounding action status, locate the suspected ground fault point, and send out the suspected grounding fault warning message.



What Is the fastest Fault Location Time?


The advanced cable fault indicator can locate the fault point within 5 seconds and can see the fault current curves, which cannot be achieved by remote indicators based on one-way wireless communication technology and signal remote transmission terminal based on SMS technology.

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