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What Are the Common Faults of Transmission Lines?

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The transmission and distribution lines cover a wide range, including cold and high-altitude areas, as well as harsh climate areas. Therefore, how to improve the reliability of the distribution line power supply and make its safe operation has become a very difficult task for power supply companies.



Common Fault Analysis of Transmission Line


The transmission line is an important part of the power supply and most of the accurate cable fault indicators are exposed in the air, which will be affected by the harsh environment of nature and will produce all kinds of faults.


lLightning factor. Once it comes to the lightning season, the transmission line fault occurs from time to time and the substation trip is often detected in the automated cable fault indicator monitoring system.

lWind disaster factors. Most of the transmission lines are located in the complex terrain and the surrounding green environment is not good, which is easy to be damaged by the natural wind. This kind of fault can be said to be the easy form of line fault and it does great harm to the normal power supply of the power system. For example, it is easy to cause wind deviation trip, accurate cable fault passage indicator damage, large area power failure, and economic losses.

lBird damage factors. When birds fall on transmission lines, a large number of feces will be produced and adhered to insulators, automated cable fault passage indicators, and lines, which will increase the voltage of power lines and produce a flashover phenomenon.

accurate cable fault passage indicator

lIcing factors. Transmission line breaking accidents caused by icing often occur in winter, which will also cause a large area of power failure. Due to the cold weather and high work intensity, maintenance becomes more inconvenient.

lPollution factors. The main reason for pollution flashover accidents of transmission lines is that the insulator surface is not dusted on schedule or the dust is accumulated on the insulator, reliable cable fault passage indicator, and line.

lExternal force destruction factors. There are various forms of external force damage, such as the trees are broken by strong wind and fall on the line, increasing the load of the line.



Preventive Measures for Transmission Line Fault


lEnsure and improve the quality of electrical design. Electrical design is an important factor for the normal operation and maintenance of various electrical equipment. In the design of the transmission line, the calculation and selection of towers, conductor, insulator, digital cable fault passage indicator, auxiliary fittings, and lightning protection devices are very important. If the designers just copy the typical design and design specifications without considering the local actual situation, it will cause design defects and unnecessary transmission losses. Power lines and advanced cable fault passage indicators must be in a reasonable design to better perform their duties. In order to do a good job inline design, site survey and route selection are the top priority of the design, which can avoid all kinds of accidents and ensure the normal operation of transmission lines and automated electric wire fault passage indicator.

lThe correct selection of tower position and pole type. Climate conditions and topography should be investigated in time to avoid erecting towers in unfavorable terrain and geographical location. The cross arm can be thickened or choose the accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system which is not easy to be stained with ice.

lLightning protection measures shall be taken. Generally, the lightning conductor is selected for lightning overvoltage protection of transmission line and accurate electric wire fault passage indicator, which is the most commonly used lightning protection device.

lIncrease the creepage distance and use composite insulators. The use of anti-pollution flashover coating can limit the occurrence of leakage of current accidents.

accurate electric wire fault passage indicator

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