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Transient Recording Type Fault Indication System, "Good Helper" for Grid Maintenance

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In the power supply system, 10kV and 35KV overhead power lines are an important part of the distribution network and play an important role in the transmission of electric energy. The reliability of power supply is closely related to the safe production and life of electricity users.

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Current status of troubleshooting for distribution lines

Due to the complex structure of the overhead electric lines of the distribution network, many branch points, long lines and wide areas, especially the rural distribution network system, because there is no connection between the lines, the number of line section switches is relatively small, the line protection facilities are relatively simple, and the operating environment under severe conditions, single-phase ground faults and electrical short circuit faults are extremely prone to occur.


Regardless of whether the line is a electric wire short circuit fault or a single-phase grounding fault, the fault signal will be sent out, or the line will trip, which will cause a great impact on the power grid equipment and endanger the safe operation of the power grid and the reliability of power supply. Although the country has intensified its efforts to transform power distribution lines in recent years, and the operation level of overhead power lines has improved, overhead distribution line faults in the distribution network still occur from time to time. According to the latest relevant data, more than 95% of power outages are caused by power distribution. The current line fault finding is mostly caused by the network line (removing the insufficient power generation factor), and most of the current line fault finding relies on the traditional manual on-site line inspection method. This is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also difficult to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power supply system.


Advantages of transient recording fault indication system

In order to solve the problem of the difficulty in locating the overhead line fault and the visualization of the fault area, Chaobo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. draws on the existing practical methods and theories of fault line selection and location, and comprehensively uses advanced fault detection technology, wireless communication technology, computer technology, and network communication and information modeling and solar power supply technologies to design a transient recording fault indication system, which can quickly and accurately detect electronic short circuit faults, ground faults, disconnections, power failures, etc., and collect the received fault characteristic information and fault instantaneous waveforms. They are then sent to the monitoring center to make a quick solution to the fault.

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Because after the line fault problem occurs, if it is difficult to locate and troubleshoot the fault in time without relying on scientific and effective methods, a large amount of troubleshooting costs will need to be invested. After using our company's transient recording reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system, it can not only be used as a fault location system to monitor the line status, but also can realize the "four remote" functions in the communication system: "remote signaling", "remote measurement", and "remote measurement". "Adjustment" and "remote control" are "good helpers" for power grid maintenance. Moreover, its application can shorten the time to find and eliminate faults, solve the current difficult problem of finding short circuit and earth faults in mountainous areas or similar areas accurately and quickly, and can effectively improve the work efficiency of line inspectors and the reliability of power supply of the distribution network.

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