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The classification algorithm is applied to sensor data for fault detection

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In our daily life, we may encounter a sudden power failure, but the time to restore the power supply may be an hour, a whole day, or even longer. Overhead transmission lines are erected in the wild, so they are subject to severe weather (storm and lightning) and natural environment (fast-growing plants and floating objects, etc.). Under the action of these external forces and the aging and damage of the equipment itself, power failures such as grounding, cable short circuit, tripping, and flashover often occur. As a company that has been developing power monitoring and monitoring equipment for a long time, CHAOBO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system in order to reduce the pressure on the power supply department and make it repair the fault in a short time.

accurate cable fault passage indicator



The Necessity of Installing Cable Fault Indicator Monitoring System


Once the power failure occurs, the power supply department will arrange maintenance and inspection personnel to carry out troubleshooting, so as to restore the power supply as soon as possible. There are not a few possible factors leading to power failure. Therefore, maintenance and inspection personnel need to check one by one along the line to find out the fault, which is a very time-consuming and laborious work. Due to the complexity of the transmission line, the fault distribution cannot be improved in a short time. Besides, a long time power failure will not only bring huge economic losses but also affect human life and work, leading to negative psychology of the majority of power users. Therefore, restoring the power supply in the shortest possible time is the most serious task for the power supply department, which can be quickly solved by the automated cable fault indicator monitoring system.



Principle of Cable Fault Indicator Monitoring System


A reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system is composed of detection front-end and communication terminal, which can be directly installed on the line. Through the detection front end of the digital cable fault indicator monitoring system, the line current can be monitored in real-time. Therefore, the detection front-end will flip the card and flash indication immediately when the line has a sudden change current due to fault. At the same time, the detection front-end uploads the information to the communication terminal of the advanced cable fault indicator monitoring system and sends alarm information to the monitoring center and related staff by using a wireless network.

automated cable fault passage indicator


With the support of detection front-end and communication terminal of accurate electric wire fault indicator monitoring system, maintenance and inspection personnel do not need to inspect the whole line, but only need to observe a few points when the line fails. The automated electric wire fault indicator monitoring system shortens the search area rapidly, which greatly shortens the time to find the fault point. Therefore, it is not difficult to restore the power supply in a short time. In recent years, CHAOBO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has provided a reliable electric wire fault indicator monitoring system scheme for multi-regional power supply departments, which has not only improved the rescue efficiency of maintenance personnel and reduced the power outage time but also continuously improved the power supply quality.

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