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The Study of Short Circuits

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When a part of the current-carrying conductor contacts or contacts another wire or part of the circuit, an electrical short circuit occurs, which makes the current flow with less resistance. This can lead to an excessive current flowing through the low resistance path in the power system, and may even lead to power supply damage. In addition, it will cause more heat and fire. Short circuit research is of great significance in power systems. Without an electric wire short circuit study, we cannot conduct an arc flash study, which is recommended for any power system facility. In short, it is put on the same level circuit with each level fault identification of NEC.

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Why do we need short circuit studies?

Short circuit research is the main factor of security, productivity and economy of any power system. It ensures site safety by calculating interruption ratings and identifying hazardous areas. At the same time, we can design earth fault indicators and fault passage indicators better.


When a short circuit exceeds the interruption rating of protective devices such as short circuit breakers or earthing and short circuiting devices, the consequences can be alarming, including damaged electrical equipment and expensive downtime.


If you don't conduct a short circuit study and you have undervalued equipment, this can lead to devastating results and loss of control over a wider area of the electrical framework. Therefore, it is very important to have accurate electric wire fault indicators and reliable electric wire fault passage indicators. Similarly, the risk of injury to equipment subject to current is greater than that at rated current. This could mean spending more cash on replacing equipment or hardware, much faster than is usually necessary.


The purpose of short circuit research is to study the behavior of the system under fault conditions - various faults and different positions. The purpose of these investigations is to determine the setting and coordination of protection devices, design grounding systems such as automated cable fault indicator monitoring system and digital overhead line fault indicator monitoring system, find out the current interruption capability of circuit breakers, and calculate the current limiting reactor when necessary. This is why it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive short-circuit study and use corresponding protective devices against short-circuit currents in the power system.



How to conduct a complete short circuit study?

The short circuit study includes all electrical structure changes that occurred after the foundation plan. During the execution of the system, the availability of accessible fault size, estimated or potential transformer impedance values, conductor length / type, motor expansion, and frame operating parameters are often changed.

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What are the benefits of short circuit research?

Only when you do a short circuit study of your facility will it be better! First of all, the fault current encountered by electrical equipment in the short circuit process will be properly evaluated. If a short circuit analysis and modification is carried out prior to the installation of electrical equipment, it can be changed before it is not returned or the cost is too high. Secondly, determine the existing questions in the framework and the proposed answers. At the same time, short circuit research not only improves the safety of employees and workers, but also reduces the power loss of any power facilities. Moreover, the risk of damage is reduced. In addition, the security and reliability of the power system ensure the operation under various conditions.



With the help of the basic formula, we can easily calculate the short-circuit current at the fault location, and use these values to analyze the system, install protective devices, and protect the facilities from any significant damage.

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