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The Structure of Overhead Lines

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The conductor and lightning conductor of the overhead line are erected in the field and operate in the open air all year round. It is not only affected by its own tension, but also affected by various meteorological conditions, and sometimes eroded by various chemical gases and impurities in the atmosphere. Therefore, in addition to good electrical conductivity, conductors and lightning conductors also require high mechanical strength. Specific requirements for conductor: high conductivity, good heat resistance, good mechanical strength, good vibration resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, low price and stable performance. However, this is not enough. We also need advanced electrical wire fault indicators and accurate cable fault passage indicators to help us judge conductor problems and faults more quickly and accurately.



Structure of overhead lines


Wires are used to conduct current and transmit electric energy. Generally, there is one overhead bare conductor per phase. For 220kV and above lines, phase splitting conductors are used to reduce corona loss and corona interference due to large transmission capacity. The split conductor not only can transport large electric energy, but also has less power loss and better anti vibration performance. Conductors are often tested by various natural conditions in operation, so it must have good conductivity, high mechanical strength, light weight, low price, strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics. At the same time, reliable electric wire fault indicators and accurate electric wire fault indicator monitoring systems are also indispensable.


Lightning conductor

The lightning conductor is usually made of ACSR, which is not insulated from the tower, but directly erected on the top of the tower and connected with the grounding device through the tower or grounding downlead. The function of the lightning conductor is to reduce the chance of lightning conductor, improve the lightning withstand level, reduce the number of lightning trips, and ensure the safe transmission of power. If there is no a lightning rod, the probability of failure of overhead lines will be greatly increased.



Tower is the general name of electric pole and iron tower. The purpose of the tower is to support the conductor and the lightning conductor, so as to keep a certain safe distance between the conductors, between the conductor and the lightning conductor, between the conductor and the ground, and between the crossing objects.



Insulator is a kind of electrical insulation product, which is usually made of electrical ceramics, also known as porcelain bottle. In addition, there are glass insulators made of toughened glass and composite insulators made of silicone rubber. The purpose of the insulator is to insulate conductors and earth to ensure reliable electrical insulation strength of lines. In addition, it is used to fix the conductor and bear the vertical and horizontal load of the conductor.



In overhead power lines, fittings are mainly used to support, fix and connect conductors and insulators in strings, as well as to protect conductors and insulators.


Tower foundation

The underground installation of the overhead power line tower is called foundation. The foundation is used to stabilize the tower, so that the tower will not be pulled up, sunk or toppled due to vertical load, horizontal load, accident line breaking tension and external force.


Stay wire

The stay wire is used to balance the transverse load and conductor tension acting on the tower, which can reduce the consumption of tower materials and reduce the line cost.


Grounding device

The overhead ground wire is above the conductor, and it will be connected with the earth through the grounding wire or grounding body of each tower. When the ground wire is struck by lightning, the lightning can spread rapidly to the earth. Therefore, the grounding device of transmission line is mainly to discharge the lightning current, reduce the tower top potential, and protect the line insulation from breakdown and flashover. It works closely with the ground wire to shield the conductor. Grounding body and ground wire are called grounding devices. At the same time, we need earthing and short circuiting devices, safety earthing and short-circuit kits.



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