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The Fault Indicator is the Next Outlet in the Distribution Network?

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The line fault indicator is a device used to indicate the flow of fault current, which is used in the transmission and overhead distribution lines, power cables and switchgear inlet and outlet lines. Once the line fails, the line patrol personnel can use the indicator's alarm display to quickly determine the fault point and eliminate the fault, which completely change the backward practice of blindly patrolling the line and finding faults by section closing and power transmission.

fault indicator



Practical application of fault indicator in fault detection of distribution network

Install a fault indicator on the overhead power line. When the system fails, the fault current appears on the line from the fault point to the feed point, which causes all the fault circuit indicators on the line from the fault point to the feed point to act. The window is displayed in red (or flashing). Start from the feed point and search along the line of the fault passage indicator action. The last red (or flashing) point is the fault point.



Fault indicator with communication system and automatic fault location system

The automated cable fault indicator monitoring system is a set of automatic and efficient fault point detection and location system based on power line fault indicator technology, GSM communication technology and GIS (geographic information system) technology. It is mainly used for automatic detection and location of various fault points in the power distribution system, including phase-to-phase cable short circuit and single-phase ground fault detection and location.


The fault location software system of the power distribution control center cooperates with a large number of on-site fault detection and indicating devices. Within a few minutes after the fault occurs, the control center can be combined with the geographic information system to give an indication of the fault location and time of the fault. At the same time, the location information of the electric digital indicator can be sent to the mobile phone of relevant personnel through GSM short message. It is helpful for maintenance personnel to rush to the site quickly, eliminate faults, and restore normal power supply, which greatly improves the reliability of power supply. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the number of faulty line patrol personnel and line-finding time, and greatly improves work efficiency.

fault indicator


The automatic accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system includes: fault detection probe (fault indicator with remote transmission of action signal), communication terminal (sub-station), central station, master station and communication system.


The communication system is divided into: the short distance communication system between the probe and the substation, the GSM (mobile phone short message) communication system from the substation to the central station, and the serial (or network) communication between the central station and the main station. Among them, the short-distance communication methods between the probe and the sub-station mainly include wireless (overhead, cable system) and optical fiber (cable system), which solves the problem of high-voltage insulation.


The fault detection probe is the various fault indicators introduced above. It can detect short circuit faults of overhead bare wires, cable lines, and single-phase ground faults. According to different use occasions, different types of indicators are used.

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