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Several Classifications Of Power Failure Indicators That Must Be Understood

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In the distribution network system, there are many line branches, complicated operation modes, and heavy line management and maintenance workload. When a fault occurs, the search is time-consuming and laborious, and the reliability of power supply is reduced. The fault indicator can make up for the shortcomings of the above transmission and power supply fault finding, and provide a powerful guarantee for quickly finding the fault point and quickly restoring the power supply.


Production failures in our country are only the starting point. The development history of enterprises and related technologies is not long, but under the impetus of high-tech development, the development of line fault indicators is expanding day by day, with dozens of manufacturers. There are many types of power line fault indicators sold on the market and their models are complex, but they can be roughly divided into the following types.

line fault indicator




1. According to the function:

Short circuit fault indicator; ②Earth fault indicator; ③Short circuit and earth fault two-in-one type.


2. According to the signal source:

①Line fault detection system with signal source; ②Line fault indicator without signal source.


3. According to the installation location:

Overhead fault indicators; ②Cable fault indicators; ③Busbar type,④Panel type.


4. According to the display mode:

①Flop display type; ②Photoelectric display type.


5. According to the line power supply mode:

①Single power supply type; ②Dual power supply type.


The following briefly introduces three different fault indicators according to the classification method of the installation location.



1. Overhead line fault indicator

The sensor and the display (indication) part are integrated into a unit, and are mechanically fixed to an indicator on a certain phase line of the overhead line (including bare wires and insulated wires). Fault passage indicators for overhead lines shall have the communication function and configure the communication module to return information such as fault, line current, low battery power and so on to the data receiving device connected to it. It should be capable of loading and unloading with electricity, and there should be no false alarms during loading and unloading.



2. Cable type ground fault indicator

The sensor and display (indication) part are integrated in a unit, and are mechanically fixed on a certain phase cable circuit (busbar), usually installed in the cable branch box, ring network cabinet, switch cabinet and other power distribution equipment indicators . In addition to the above requirements, a zero sequence ground fault monitor is also required.

line fault indicator



3. Panel type fault indicator

Mainly used in supporting equipment such as cable branch box and ring main cabinet. It is an indicator composed of a sensor and a display unit, usually the display unit is embedded on the operation panel of the ring main unit and switch cabinet. The detection principle is basically the same as the principle of the automated cable fault indicator for short circuit and ground fault. The difference is that the detector detects the fault and transmits it to the host through the optical fiber cable, and sends an alarm signal through the host. The sensor and the display unit use optical fiber or wireless communication, and should be reliably insulated between the primary and secondary.

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