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Scientific Application of Overhead Line Fault Indicators

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China is rich in power resources. Now cities and villages are all equipped with electricity, so the transmission of electricity is very important. The electricity in China is generally transmitted by overhead lines and cables. Overhead lines are the most common for us. For the safety of life, the lines are generally erected in remote fields or across the river and the mountain. Due to the complex terrain, the environment of each line will be different. It is often affected by some external forces, and unnecessary failures will occur.

fault path indicator


With the development of science and technology and the improvement of management level, it is an inevitable trend for the electric power industry to realize scientific and intelligent management. If a short circuit grounding fault occurs, only relying on patrolling lines to find electric wire short circuit faults will not only require a lot of work, but also waste time, the work efficiency is low. When a failure occurs, the personnel in the power department will be very upset.


On July 10, 2014, due to the influence of the terrain, the distribution network lines of some villages and towns in Yunfu City were affected by typhoons or thunderstorms, which led to the tripping of the 10KV distribution network lines and the power outage in large areas, affecting the power supply. Due to the impact of the disaster, it was also difficult for the power department personnel to patrol the line to find the fault point, so the work efficiency of emergency repair was reduced, and people's production and life were hindered.


In order to scientifically and intelligently management the line, a fault indicator for overhead lines was developed. It is installed on overhead power lines for online monitoring of line operation status. Once the line fails, the line patrol personnel can use the red alarm on the fault path indicator to quickly determine the faulty section.


The overhead fault indicator is developed on the basis of local short circuit grounding fault indicators, combined with computer network communication technology. Not only can the overhead communication-type fault indicator flip the card, and the LED light flashes to indicate grounding or short-circuit faults on the spot, but also the fault information can be remotely transmitted to the background work master station for display and alarm notification through communication transmission technology. Emergency maintenance personnel can perform topological location and focus on the fault in the background, which can effectively solve the problems of short-circuit and grounding fault location of distribution lines in suburban or remote mountainous areas.

overhead fault indicator


After applying this fault pass indicator, scientific management and maintenance work based on the hidden troubles of the line can be realized in real time. The power supply department can reduce the economic loss, quickly determine the short circuit time and the ground fault section, thereby saving troubleshooting time, reducing the labor intensity of line patrol personnel in finding faults, reducing the scope of power outages, and improving line inspection efficiency and power supply reliability.


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