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It Is Necessary To Search For Line Faults Diligently

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Now the transmission lines cover a wide range in various places. Because of the bad environment in some areas, the transmission lines often have some faults. The short circuit and earth fault is the most common fault type, lightning, besides, bird damage, icing, external force damage and other factors may be the cause of line fault. Therefore, it is difficult as well as important to find fault.


The general principle of traditional fault finding is to determine whether there is a fault in the trunk line first, and then define the fault branch. For the line without any fault after inspection, the branch line circuit breaker can be disconnected first, and then try to switch on and power on. Finally, other lines without fault can be found and recovered step by step. Due to many faults hidden, patrol workers must be diligent in three aspects in the process of confirming line faults. That is, the legs, the mouth and the brain must be diligent. In addition to the requirements of "three diligence", we also need to use the method of "one look, two listen, three questions and four tests" to determine whether there is a fault in the line. However, with the increasing demand for electricity, the efficiency of traditional fault finding is not very satisfactory. Therefore, a new kind of fault indicator arises at the historic moment, which is the digital fault indicator monitoring system.

traditional fault finding


The digital fault indicator monitoring system uses the wireless network transmission, which can quickly send the fault information and power failure status information to the monitoring center, and help the power department to determine the fault power. Compared with the traditional fault finding method, this device has the following advantages:


1. The fault location can be found quickly and timely to avoid further deterioration of the accident.


2. The wireless transmission greatly reduces the working intensity of line patrol workers.


3. The rapid determination of the fault point shortens the time for rush repair of power failure and reduces the loss of electricity sold by the power sector, which has caused adverse effects on people's production and life.


4. The intelligent level of the equipment is higher and higher, which greatly improves the operation ability of the line.

overhead line fault indicator


Although the digital fault indicator has very powerful function and high practicability, the development of the equipment is still in the embryonic stage, which needs the cooperation of manual line inspection. At present, the most correct method of fault detection is to reasonably allocate resources for manual inspection and fault monitoring.


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