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Is It Useful to Introduce Line Fault Monitoring Technology?

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A distribution network is a kind of transmission line that transmits electric energy to the power user center after receiving power distribution from the transmission network to the distribution substation, which can be divided into high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage distribution network according to different voltage levels. According to the different power supply modes of distribution lines, it can be divided into an overhead distribution network, cable distribution network, and overhead cable hybrid distribution network. The distribution network and transformer are connected to form an integrated distribution system, which is the carrier of urban and rural power supply.

advanced cable fault indicator



Current Situation of Power Grid Construction in China


In the early stage of power grid construction, power generation and transmission were mainly paid attention to, so the links of distribution and consumption were often despised. With the rapid development of China's electric power industry in recent years, the state has invested a lot of money and transformed the lines, switches, digital cable fault indicators, and transformers. China should focus on upgrading the distribution network from the hardware aspect to improve the automation level of the distribution network.


However, China's distribution network lines have the characteristics of a wide distribution area, many points, long lines, and complex structure, especially the overhead distribution lines are mostly built-in remote mountainous areas. A load of the overhead distribution line is seasonal, so it is easy to be affected by many factors, such as the aging of the line itself, trees, external force damage, and bad weather. Also, it is one of the most vulnerable links in the whole power grid system.



Communication Type Fault Indicator


Once there is a power failure, it is difficult to find the fault and needs a lot of time by manual on-site line inspection, which will bring inconvenience to human life for a long time. Secondly, the distribution network line fault will also cause huge economic losses to power supply enterprises. In order to maintain the distribution network line as soon as possible, reduce the outage time, and improve the stability of power supply after the fault occurs, Chaobo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. designed a communication type accurate cable fault indicator combined with new fault detection technology, communication technology, and computer network technology.


Communication type automated cable fault indicators are a kind of overhead line automated fault current indicator with a wireless public network communication function. The advanced cable fault indicator can detect the short-circuit grounding fault of the distribution network line in real-time and collect data such as line load. In addition, accurate cable fault passage indicators can also transmit the collected signal data to the background accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system through a wireless network and realize the function of fault location and data acquisition.

accurate cable fault passage indicator


The application of communication type reliable cable fault indicators can shorten the time of line fault finding and save on-site maintenance hour, so as to reduce the labor intensity of line patrol personnel. It is of great economic value and social significance to realize information and scientific operation and management of a reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system.

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