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Is It Necessary to Use Accurate Cable Fault Indicator Monitoring System?

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With the continuous development of society and the gradual improvement of the economic level, various fields have also been rapid development, in which electric energy has become important energy in the process of modern social development.


The transmission line is an important part of the State Grid. Due to the hundreds of kilometers span of the transmission line, it is very vulnerable to various environmental impacts and leads to power failure. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the operation status of transmission lines regularly. At present, manual line inspection is generally used to meet this requirement. However, many links are not easy to be found manually and the line status cannot be timely mastered due to the large vertical and horizontal span of transmission lines, complex distribution terrain, and a variety of line parameters. Therefore, an accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system is needed to realize all-weather on-line monitoring and management of transmission line status.

accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system



Introduction of Cable Fault Indicator Monitoring System


The automated cable fault indicator monitoring system mainly detects the environmental temperature, humidity, wind speed, icing of the transmission line, and inclination of the tower. After the data acquisition terminal collects the values of these sensors, the collected values are output through the serial port. The wireless data transmission terminal transmits these data to the central server of the digital electric wire fault indicator monitoring system, which can process and analyze the received data to master the specific situation of the transmission line at each monitoring point and make corresponding preventive or emergency treatment.

digital electric wire fault indicator monitoring system



Advantages of Cable Fault Indicator Monitoring System


The reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system can monitor the status of high-voltage transmission lines and substation insulators in the harsh atmospheric environments to ensure the operation safety of transmission lines.

The digital cable fault indicator monitoring system provides the possibility of automatic warning, so it greatly reduces the probability of power failure caused by transmission cable fault.

The advanced cable fault indicator monitoring system can reduce the number of power outages and outage time, so as to improve the reliability of power supply and the efficiency of power equipment. At the same time, it provides research and experimental basis for the in-depth promotion of transmission network automation and the construction of international standard transmission network management mode.

The Accurate electric wire fault indicator monitoring system adopts an open distributed system, which provides unified development and operation interface independent of a specific application system. The application program is built on the basis of components, which is convenient for the expansion of new application modules.

The automated electric wire fault indicator monitoring system meets the requirements of openness and standardization. Its operating system, network, graphics, database access, and application software are implemented by international standards.

The reliable electric wire fault indicator monitoring system is a new trend of development. By tracking the latest computer technology and adopting advanced technology, it can maximize the practicability of the function and provide a friendly man-machine interface.

The construction of the advanced electric wire fault indicator monitoring system will not increase the burden of relevant maintenance personnel, because it realizes the transmission, synchronization, and correspondence of models, graphics, and data through automatic or semi-automatic methods, so as to reduce the workload of manual intervention or maintenance.

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