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How to Solve the Fault of 10kV Distribution Line?

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The distribution line is the terminal of the power transmission and distribution system, which is also an important part of the power system. Some practical situations, such as the impact of the external environment and climate, will directly affect the power supply and production of the outside world and the safety of the livelihood. Although many factors are causing 10kV line fault, they can be detected by advanced electric wire fault indicator monitoring system and accurate cable fault indicator. It can be divided into three types of faults from nature: single-phase grounding fault, grounding phase to phase short-circuit fault, and phase to phase short-circuit fault.

accurate cable fault indicator



Lightning Fault


As lightning is an uncontrollable natural phenomenon and its instantaneous overvoltage has a strong destructive power to the entire 10kV line, so the fault caused by lightning in summer accounts for a large proportion of 10kV line fault. Also, it is easy to threaten safety in the leakage accident when a lightning fault occurs because it will damage the relevant facilities and equipment. Therefore, it is worth taking measures to install the reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system. Although all kinds of buildings in the city are generally equipped with lightning rods and some lightning protection measures, cable faults still occur frequently, which require maintenance workers to use advanced cable fault passage indicators as soon as possible in recent years.



External Force


Since 10kV lines are directly oriented to end-users and the line network is relatively complex, it is very easy to cause faults caused by external force damage, mainly including faults caused by foreign matters.


The fault caused by bird damage mainly refers to the phase to phase short circuit fault caused by birds nesting and stopping on 10kV lines.

Equipment damage fault is mainly about the whole line fault due to the incorrect use of electrical appliances or automated overhead line fault indicator damage.

Due to the acceleration of urban-rural integration, the depth, and scope of infrastructure construction in the urban-rural fringe are becoming more and more extensive. Therefore, the underground cable laying, digital AC DC voltmeter indicator, and other power facilities are often damaged during construction.



Equipment Failure


Due to the wide coverage, complex operation line, too many branches, aging reliable electric wire fault passage indicator, long line diameter, long-term reconstruction, incomplete corridor clearance, alternation of seasons, and serious aging of related equipment, the equipment fault itself will also cause 10kV line operation obstacles. Besides, some of the old equipment in the electricity room has potential safety hazard, so the backward automated cable fault indicator and the lack of daily management of special personnel are easy to cause the 10kV power line trip.

 reliable electric wire fault passage indicator



Management and Maintenance Failure


Poor daily management and maintenance will also cause a 10kV line fault. For example, the inspection is not strict, the quality is not up to standard, or the installation level is insufficient in the purchase of advanced cable fault passage indicators. Besides, it is very easy to cause a fault trip in a long drought or light rain because the chemical and mining dust is easy to accumulate on the digital cable fault passage indicator and other electrical equipment.  

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