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How to Reduce Frequent Blackouts through Ground Fault Indicator?

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With the rapid development of social economy, power supply enterprises shoulder greater social responsibility, because they must provide safe and reliable power to meet the needs of social electricity and life. In recent years, frequent power failure is the focus of complaints, which seriously affects the customer satisfaction rate of power supply enterprises. Therefore, reducing frequent blackouts with the help of automated overhead Line fault indicators and digital cable fault indicator monitoring systems is one of the key points to improve customer satisfaction.



Main Types and Definitions of Power Failure


Power failure can be divided into four categories: high voltage fault, low voltage fault, power quality fault, and customer internal fault.


High voltage fault refers to the fault of high voltage electrical equipment (voltage level is 1KV or above) in the power system, which mainly includes high-voltage metering equipment, line, and substation equipment fault. Most of them can be detected by advanced cable fault passage indicators.

Low voltage fault refers to the fault of low-voltage electrical equipment in the power system, mainly including low-voltage line, household device, public equipment, and low-voltage metering equipment fault.

Power quality fault refers to the failure of electrical equipment due to the power supply voltage and frequency problems. It mainly includes power supply voltage fluctuation, frequency deviation, and abnormal harmonic. Whether the supply voltage has deviation can be detected by digital AC DC voltmeter indicators.

Customer internal fault refers to the power facility fault at the customer side of the property right demarcation point.



Technical Measures to Reduce Frequent Blackouts


Robust Distribution Network


Strengthen the construction of switch stations and power supply. In order to ensure the reliable action of the automatic switch and the standby automatic switch, it is necessary to perfect the standby automatic switch and speed up the construction of the reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system.

Complete the line connection reconstruction project and improve the contact rate.

Special investigation on reclosing of county substation through the reliable electric wire fault passage indicator.


Implement Equipment Management


The implementation of equipment management should be mainly from the following aspects.

advanced cable fault passage indicator


Transform the old residential area and replace the high loss distribution transformer;

The cable trench support in the load concentration area should be improved and the advanced cable fault passage indicator is used to prevent the spread of cable fault. The fault probability of the transmission line can be directly reduced in two ways: insulation and encapsulation of the bus bridge and ring main unit instead of the bus bridge.

Change the habit of not looking for the fault point after the trial transmission of the distribution network line is worked successfully, which not only requires that the real fault point should be found through the automated cable fault indicator, but also the special team should inspect the whole line to find defects and arrange centralized power cut to eliminate defects for centralized rectification of high trip lines.

Infrared diagnosis is combined with live working. After the establishment of the infrared diagnosis team, the advanced overhead line fault indicator was used to diagnose the high trip line county by county.


Reducing frequent blackouts is not only a simple task of a front-line production team but also a work that can be completed by the cooperation of all departments. Through the joint efforts of cities, counties, and teams, we should take effective measures and use digital cable fault passage indicators to gradually reduce frequent power outages, so as to promote the continuous improvement of power supply service quality and customer satisfaction. 

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