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How to Prevent Flame Retardant Cable Failure?

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Flame retardant cable in use will produce some faults, which is because there are burr, impurities, or moisture in the electric field of flame retardant cable. The relative parts, such as accurate cable fault indicators, maybe damaged after failure, and the loss caused by some accidents is irreparable. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the causes of accidents from some phenomena, which can not only improve the efficiency and operation management level of manufacturers but also protect automated cable fault indicators and other related parts to the greatest extent.


Because the flame-retardant cable started late in China and the fire-retardant cable has not entered the high-risk period of accidents, the current accidents are rarely caused by the aging of cables and reliable cable fault indicators. In order to ensure the safe operation of the cable system, the following preventive measures should be taken in daily life.

reliable cable fault indicators


Improve the Quality Management of Cable Manufacturers


Cable manufacturers should improve quality management, which requires manufacturers to prevent unqualified products from entering the market. The damage caused by unqualified products to the whole overhead line, digital cable fault indicator, and other equipment is unpredictable.



Strengthen the Quality of Flame Retardant Cable


In order to improve the quality of flame-retardant cables produced by cable manufacturers, manufacturers in some areas can take measures to supervise the production of flame-retardant cables, so as to achieve good products. Also, the manufacturer can also carry out the quality inspection of flame retardant cable before the field joint. Generally, the cable quality is ensured by regular sampling inspection, because the quality of the flame retardant cable is very important for advanced cable fault indicators in the accidental fire accident.



Prevent Excessive Side Pressure at Corners


When the traction method is used for cable laying, the construction party should prevent the side pressure at the corner from being too high to prevent the fire-retardant cable failure. During the installation of a connector and accurate cable fault passage indicator, good process measures should be adopted and the installation level should be ensured, which needs to be summarized and improved in the construction.

accurate cable fault passage indicator



Cable Manufacturers Need to Innovate


In the experiment of flame retardant cable, special attention should be paid to the current flow, which can be measured by automated fault current indicator. For convenience and safety, you can use series resonance to test.



Strengthen Cable Installation Quality


Improving the quality of cable installation is a problem that needs to be attached great importance to. Professional installation personnel with guaranteed technical level and quality shall be adopted and the important operation shall be carried out according to the steps of cable installation. Besides, it is better to increase the input of reliable cable fault passage indicators and accurate cable fault indicator monitoring systems in each project, which can facilitate the maintenance and detection in the future.



Enterprises Should Strengthen Operation Monitoring


The enterprise should strengthen operation monitoring because many people do not know that the cable system is to be maintained. Although the general maintenance is the infrared temperature measurement and temperature monitoring system, enterprises should choose the appropriate reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system to detect and maintain the cable according to the actual situation. 

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