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How to Prevent Electrical Fire?

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Fire will bring great losses to the country, society, and people. The fire caused by electrical accounts for about 40% of all fires. What cannot be ignored is that this value has an increasing trend year by year.



Causes of Electrical Fire


The long service life of electrical circuit, aging of insulation, the poor connection of copper and aluminum conductor, lack of normal maintenance of accurate cable fault indicator, and electric leakage will lead to insulation burning and fire.

When the conductor is short-circuited, the current can be increased to several times the normal value and the temperature of the wire will rise sharply. When the insulation temperature exceeds 250 ℃, the line will catch fire and the damage to the automated cable fault indicator is directly proportional to the length of the short-circuit wire.

It may cause a fire when the bead of the electric switch is fused and the spark generated when the switch is on and off falls on the combustible materials.

When the winding or iron core of the motor and transformer is short-circuited, the overheat temperature will be produced and the reliable cable fault indicator will be burned out in serious cases.

Electric appliances and lighting lamps will cause a fire if they are put into combustible packages immediately after they are close to flammable materials.

If safety measures are not taken during the electric welding operation, the welding arc will be ignited.

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Measures of Electrical Fire


In order to effectively prevent electrical fire, the following safety measures should be taken:


Improve the safety quality of electrical staff until they understand the safety requirements of digital cable fault indicators and other devices in the process of installation, use, and maintenance. Widely publicize the knowledge of electrical fire prevention, so that people can grasp the basic knowledge of electrical fire fighting.

The design of the advanced cable fault indicator and circuit should be reasonable, the installation should be reliable, the maintenance should be timely, and the hidden fire hazard should be eliminated immediately.

The electrical circuit should not be overloaded and the load equipment should not be arbitrarily increased on the original design line. The power cord of the accurate cable fault passage indicator shall be rubber cord.

Try not to replace the fuse with iron wire and select fuse and automated fault current indicator according to the capacity of electrical equipment. For example, the fusing current of the fuse can be 1.5 to 2 times the rated current of the equipment.

The electric heating equipment and lighting lamps shall be kept at the same safe interval with inflammable when welding.

Pay attention to the short circuit voltage when the equipment is running. If the voltage is unstable for a long time, voltage stabilizing equipment should be used.

After the TV or audio equipment is used up, the power should be completely cut off, otherwise, the transformer in the machine may be burnt out because the primary side may still be charged.

The place where the accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system is used should have good heat dissipation conditions and be equipped with a certain number of fire extinguishers. It is not allowed to stack inflammable materials around the reliable cable fault indicator monitoring system and under the electrical circuit.

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