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How to Improve the Cable Fault Detection Level

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In order to meet the needs of urban power supply, the cable lines laid in underground cable trenches are getting longer and longer. Although the power supply of underground power cables is safe and reliable, it can reduce or avoid the impact of natural disasters such as typhoons, lightning strikes, and snowstorms on the lines. At the same time, it is beneficial to beautify the city. However, due to the special operating environment of deeply buried cable lines, they are often damaged by external forces and aging equipment. Today we will introduce the causes of cable dead short circuit faults and how to improve the cable fault detection through the fault indicator.

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1. The Causes of Cable Faults

1) Mechanical External Force.

When large-scale mechanical equipment such as excavators and earth-moving trucks conduct urban construction near the cable path, they will often cause the cable to bend and deform, causing the insulating rubber in the cable intermediate joint (or terminal head) to swell and crack, rubbing the cable sheath, or even directly digging the cable line to cause a cable disconnection fault.


2) The Cable Insulation is Aging or Damp.

When installing cable lines, water can easily enter it due to unsealed joint boxes or poor installation. In addition, when the cable lines are used for a long time, some corrosive chemicals will be generated, which will cause the cable insulation to deteriorate, and the insulation performance decreases, causing faults such as short circuit grounding.


3) Factors Such As Overvoltage or Increased Load. 

The atmosphere and the internal overvoltage of the cable trench will cause the cable insulation to break down. When the electric load increases sharply, the temperature of the cable line will be too high, causing a series of mixed fault accidents such as cable fire. Once the cable line fails, it is very difficult to find the cause. It often takes hours, even days or longer, to find the fault, which will affect the production and life of residents and cause huge economic loss.


Therefore, it is very important to quickly determine the fault point and shorten the power short circuit time.

power line fault indicator



2. How to Improve the Cable Fault Detection Level?

The high voltage cable fault indicator is a set of equipment used to detect the cable line electrical short circuit fault, load current and temperature.


The power line fault indicator is composed of a front detection end and a LCD display device. The front detection end is directly installed on the cable conductor to collect real-time data on line current, voltage and cable temperature, and transmit it to the LCD display device through optical fiber for digital display. Once an abnormal situation occurs in the line, the front detection end will immediately carry out a flip card and flashing instructions, at the same time, the LCD device will indicate the corresponding failure, so that the inspectors can quickly locate the faulty line for repair. To shorten the time of power outages and timely control the faults affecting the scope of power outages, this cable fault detection technology can be applied. It can effectively improve the level of cable fault detection and accelerate the progress of smart grid construction.


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