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How to Deal with Common Circuit Failure of Electrician with Fault Indicator?

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The most common problems of the electrical circuit are the open circuit of distribution line, weak TV signal, and telephone receiving interference. Do you know why these problems appear and how to use accurate fault circuit indicators to solve them?


Too Many Line Connectors and Improper Handling of Connectors


The main reason for the circuit fault is that too many line connectors and improper handling of connectors, so automated fault path indicator is essential. It will lead to some joints with the too-long line and some electricians are limited by the technical level or have no strong sense of responsibility. If the grounding, insulation, and moisture-proof treatment of the joints are not qualified, it will lead to an open circuit and short circuit. This can be prevented by reducing the number of line joints as far as possible and can be checked by reliable fault current indicators. If it is necessary to connect, the distribution line should be well connected, insulated, and moisture-proof. If possible, a tin coating or terminal block can be used.



There Is No Bushing in the Concealed Line


The existence of bushing is to protect the hidden line from being damaged. If the casing is not used or improper casing is used, the damage of the line cannot be avoided during the construction and it will leave hidden dangers for people. More importantly, digital fault pass indicators can solve this problem.

overhead line fault indicator


The preventive technique to solve this problem is to use a PVC rigid conduit in the concealed circuit of the wall and often check with an accurate ground fault indicator. It should be noted that the casing should be matched with the line number and the ground wiring should be minimized. Considering that the ground line will be under pressure for a long time and will be affected during construction, it is better to install the line after the PVC pipe is sheathed in the water gas pipe. Besides, the line needs to be fixed and cannot be moved freely to facilitate the use of automated power line fault indicator in the future.



Damage to Subsequent Construction


After the layout is completed, the line may be damaged by subsequent construction, such as the wall line is interrupted by the electric hammer. Therefore, you need to mark the hidden lines to avoid being accidentally damaged by the construction personnel of the next process and check the digital fault current indicators at any time.



The Distribution Line Does Not Match the Rated Current


The mismatch between the distribution line and the current will cause the line to work overload for a long time. Therefore, attention should be paid to its rated current before selecting the wire and it should not be too large or too small.



Multiple Lines Are Contained in the Same Bushing


Different lines installed in the same bushing will also lead to line fault, which can be eliminated by a reliable fault pass indicator and automated remote fault indicators. If the TV antenna, telephone line, and distribution wire are inserted into the same bushing, the reception of the TV and telephone will be disturbed. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the installation of the TV antenna line and telephone line separately.

reliable fault pass indicator


Besides, reducing unnecessary joints as much as possible, using appropriate conduit, and installing accurate line fault indicators are three methods that should be paid attention to in line construction.

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