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How to Choose An Overhead Line Fault Location Device?

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With the development of smart grid construction, it has also promoted the rapid development of China's distribution network. Now China's distribution network has begun to take shape. How to effectively manage distribution network lines and improve the level of distribution network automation has become a hard work for the power sector . As one of the effective means to improve the automation level of the distribution network, the fault indicator has great market demand. Because of this, the products on the market have the characteristics of diversity. So, how should we choose an overhead line fault indicator?

overhead line fault location device



1. Working conditions

The line fault indicator judges the line fault through the sudden change of current, and has certain requirements for the line current. Especially for indicators that take power directly from the line, if the line is too small, the device will not work properly. Generally, indicators equipped with batteries have relatively small requirements for current and have a wide range of applications. Therefore, this factor must be taken into consideration when selecting an indicator. It is recommended to use an fault circuit indicator powered by a sun energy plus a backup battery. It can also be used for branch circuits with a small load.



2. Reset method

Electrical short circuit faults can be divided into transient faults and permanent faults. Transient faults can usually be closed successfully. In order to facilitate the electric personnel to eliminate the hidden troubles in time and avoid the occurrence of secondary faults, the overhead fault indicators must have the function of automatic delay reset. For permanent faults, after the power supply is restored, the indicator should be remotely reset to avoid delaying the indication of the next fault. Therefore, it is recommended to have both automatic delayed reset and remote reset products.



3. Working environment

The overhead distribution lines are erected in the wild, and the operating environment is also relatively harsh. Therefore, the indicator must also meet the environmental conditions of use. At present, most overhead line fault indicators can operate in the environment of -30℃~+70℃. In addition, the rain and corrosion resistance of the device should also be considered. It is recommended to choose the protection grade IP68, and the indicator of anti-rust and anti-corrosion material should be adopted for the mechanism parts.

overhead line fault indicator



4. Instruction method

There are two ways to indicate overhead power lines. One is the flop indication. This kind of indication is convenient for observation during the day, but difficult to observe at night. The other is the LED flashing indicator, which is not conducive to observation during the day, but can be clearly identified at night. It is recommended to choose a reliable overhead line fault indicator that has both the flop indicator function and the LED flashing indicator function. So that the staff can quickly find the fault at any time.


Ordinary fault indicators need to view the indication from the bus level by level after a failure, and the level of automation is not high. While it is with a very high level of automation to use communication fault indicators to build a complete online remote monitoring system for power distribution line faults to realize rapid alarm, location, and short message notification functions for faults. In view of the importance of power supply to social production and life, the selection indicator should be considered in accordance with the principles of high efficiency and reliability. 

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