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How to Avoid High Voltage Electric Shock?

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In our country, thousands of people die of electric shock every year and most of the accidents happen in the electrical equipment and power distribution equipment. In all power accidents, there are very few unexpected accidents, so a large number of power accidents can be prevented by taking practical measures. The most important countermeasure to prevent electrical accidents is to firmly establish the thought of “Safety First” and earnestly implement the organizational and technical measures to ensure safety.

automated cable fault indicator monitoring system



Organizational Measures to Strengthen the Safety Management of Electricity Use


The personnel engaged in electric power operation must have the necessary electrical knowledge and professional skills. They must be trained and assessed by the electric power department and obtain the work permit for entering the power grid. It is strictly forbidden for non-power professionals to operate the automated cable fault indicator monitoring system.

In order to ensure the safety of workers, accurate cable fault passage indicators and other equipment, the relevant provisions of "Safety Work Regulations for Electric Power Industry" and the working procedures formulated according to the characteristics of enterprises must be conscientiously implemented.

In addition to the ideological education of “Safety First” for employees and electricians, the technical and professional level of other personnel will be improved through technical training, post-training, and anti-accident exercises. Besides, it is necessary to promote the safe use of electricity and popularize the basic knowledge of electrical equipment vigorously, such as insulators, overhead lines, and reliable cable fault passage indicators. We can carry out mass safety education in various popular forms, such as training classes, broadcasting, drama sketches, pictures, blackboard newspapers, slogans, and other publicity and education methods, so as to improve the safety awareness and power consumption level of the majority of users.

Regularly check the safety of digital cable fault passage indicators and other equipment and deal with the defects and hidden dangers in time. Power management should be strictly controlled by the advanced cable fault indicator monitoring system, including operation quality, operation technology, and safety maintenance.



General Measures to Prevent Electric Shock Casualties


The range of activity is far away from the area covered by high voltage lines. Activities such as agricultural production, fishing, and vehicle operation should avoid high voltage lines and automated cable fault passage indicators.

No construction near the high voltage line. Construction generally uses large-scale mechanical equipment or construction vehicles and construction workers often ignore the existence of high-voltage lines and automated electric wire fault passage indicators in the process of operation.

Set remote fault indicators. The power supply department shall set up eye-catching safety signs in the area of high-voltage lines and set up alarm devices such as earth fault indicator when necessary.

remote fault indicators


In fact, most electric shock accidents occur because people don't know that there is a high-voltage line nearby. If the power supply department can apply the safety switch earth fault indicator to every dangerous area, it will greatly reduce the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

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