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How Terrible Are the Days without Electricity?

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Without electrical energy, life may be stagnant for an instant. Your cell phone, computer, refrigerator, elevator, electric light, and internet will all stop working for an instant. The subway and traffic lights you travel will all stop working in an instant. Following the information I have contacted, below I will analyze the failure analysis of 10kV overhead distribution lines, which is close to our life.

overhead poer line



1. Causes of failures in 10kV overhead power lines

1) Natural causes: a. Lightning factors; b. Animal impacts; c. Greening facilities; d. Floating objects in the air.

2) Human factors: a. The occurrence of traffic accidents; b. The impact of construction; c. Illegal theft factors; 3). Equipment failure; 4). Unreasonable management.



2. Preventive measures for 10kV overhead electric line faults

1). Strengthen legislation protection

The operating unit shall increase the publicity of relevant laws and policies, carry out the protection of the overhead line and electric power knowledge education to the general public, so that the whole society will form a good atmosphere for consciously protecting electric power facilities. The power management department should set up warning signs and other signs in places that are likely to cause damage to overhead power distribution lines, and can also set up reflective signs to remind drivers to protect power facilities in places where vehicles pass through.


2). Strengthen the protection of mine areas

Professional lightning protection measures shall be taken for the distribution lines in the lightning area to reduce the trip rate and protect the distribution lines. Among them, the installation of line arresters is a simple and effective method under current circumstances. The power sector should increase investment in distribution lines to allow more lightning arresters to appear in 10kV distribution lines, and strengthen the inspection of installed arresters. For arresters that do not meet the requirements, they should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid greater economic losses.


3). Increase the maintenance of the line

The line management department must formulate detailed rules and regulations and routine inspection plans according to the actual situation of each place, regularly maintain the transmission lines, and promptly and properly handle the minor problems found during the inspections to eliminate hidden dangers at the source. The normal operation of transmission lines is guaranteed.


4). Strengthen the internal management of the power sector

As the management department of power operation, operators must strictly follow the rules and regulations, do regular inspections, be serious and responsible, ensure that the inspections are not missed, and promptly report and deal with hidden power transmission hazards found during inspections to ensure the stability of power operation.

overhead power line


Failures caused by 10kV distribution lines will affect the production and life of a region. Only by continuously strengthening line management, increasing attention and taking preventive measures from all sides, can the normal operation of the line be effectively guaranteed. Under the rule of law, it is necessary to vigorously promote the protection of electric power facilities by citizens, and let everyone know the great significance of electric power facilities to our country's economy and life.


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