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Do You Know the Principle of Overhead Line Fault Indicators?

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Accurate overhead Line fault indicators are a kind of electromagnetic induction equipment which can reflect the short-circuit current passing through and show the fault sign (red card), which usually includes current detection, voltage detection, fault identification, fault indicator drive, fault status indication, signal output, and automatic delay reset control.

digital overhead Line fault passage indicator



Working Principle of Overhead Line Fault Indicators


When the line fault occurs in the daytime, the automated overhead Line fault indicator will flip the card display. At night, the resistance of the electric tube will become larger, so the single-chip microcomputer flip reset and the LED will work. Because the preset reset time of the reliable overhead line fault indicator has not arrived at first light, the light resistance value received by the photoelectric tube is reduced and the MCU carries out reset, so the overturning indication is restored.


The accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system can monitor the line status in real-time and send the collected fault alarm and power failure status information back to the main station center. The master station carries out data statistics, analysis, and topology calculation to determine the fault area. At the same time, the information of the fault point will be sent to the mobile phones of the relevant personnel, such as the production management department of the power supply bureau, the line specialist, and the line maintenance director, so as to guide the staff to find the fault point quickly and accurately.

accurate overhead line fault indicator



Main Function Characteristics of Overhead Line Fault Indicators


Identify the fault. The digital overhead Line fault indicator has the function of identifying short circuit and ground fault. It is important that it can also distinguish between permanent faults and transient faults.

Display mode. The overturned display or luminous display can be observed within a 360 ° range, which adopts night vision reflective technology.

Automatic reset. The probe of advanced overhead Line fault indicators has the function of time delay automatic reset and remote reset. The automatic reset time can be specified by the user or set before delivery. When the fault occurs, the timing will start automatically and the error of return time is not more than ± 10%.

Restrain the inrush. The accurate overhead line fault passage indicator can eliminate the mis-operation caused by inrush current.

Online operation. Overhead line fault indicators are usually installed directly on the power line.

Rust and corrosion resistance. The structural parts of automated overhead line fault passage indicators are made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials.

Live loading and unloading. The overhead line fault indicator can be installed online without a false alarm during loading and unloading.

Tele-transmission signal. The built-in wireless communication module of the reliable overhead line fault passage indicator can transmit the activation signal to the overhead communication terminal.

Backup power supply. The digital overhead Line fault passage indicator is equipped with solar panels to charge the backup power supply. The backup power supply can maintain the communication terminal to work continuously for 15 days without supplementary energy.

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