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Discussion on the Principle of Fault Indicator in the Current Market

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Long time power failure indicates that the transmission line must have a fault and the merging switch cannot be recovered. Therefore, maintenance personnel needs to patrol along the line for emergency repair, which is a time-consuming and laborious work. However, it is impossible to ensure that the transmission line does not have faults, so the only thing that can be done is to help the maintenance personnel to reduce the repair time. For this reason, CHAOBO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has devoted himself to the research and production of an accurate cable fault indicator.

short circuit fault indicator



Principle of Cable Fault Indicators


The automated cable fault indicator is used in transmission and distribution lines, power cables, and switch cabinet inlet and outlet lines to indicate the flow of fault current. Once the cable fault occurs, the line patrol personnel can determine the fault point and remove the fault quickly with the help of the alarm display of the reliable cable fault indicator.


The front end of the digital cable fault indicator is composed of indication equipment and a communication terminal, which is powered by solar energy and battery. In the process of monitoring, the indication equipment is used to monitor the current information of the conductor in real-time and the signal should be transmitted to the communication terminal immediately when the abnormal signal is found in the running state of the line. The signal is sent to the monitoring center by the communication terminal through the wireless network. At the same time, the monitoring center will pop up a dialog to prompt the alarm and will send the alarm information to the maintenance personnel in the form of mobile phone SMS, so as to carry out rapid repair of the fault.


In the process of putting the equipment into use, the advanced cable fault indicator can reflect the power fault point quickly and strive for a lot of repair time for maintenance personnel. Besides, the accurate electric wire fault indicator greatly reduces the outage time caused by the accident, thus improving the power supply quality of the transmission line and has been unanimously praised by customers and power users.


Installation Position of Cable Fault Indicators


Automated electric wire fault indicators are usually installed in the following locations.


Install in substation exit to judge whether the fault is inside or outside the station.

Install in trunk lines and branches to determine the branch or section where the fault is located.

Install in the connection between cable and overhead line to indicate that the fault is in the overhead line or cable line.

Install on the switch cabinet or in the branch box.

Install in the high voltage incoming line to judge whether it is the user's fault.


digital electric wire fault indicator monitoring system


Characteristics of Cable Fault Indicators


Fault indication. When the reliable electric wire fault indicator is in red, there is a short circuit fault.

Automatic reset. The digital electric wire fault indicator will reset automatically after the power supply of the line is restored and the reset time can be selected by the customer according to the line environment, line patrol length, and department requirements.

It provides technical means for finding hidden fault points.

The advanced electric wire fault indicator can quickly indicate the fault line and fault point to shorten the troubleshooting time.

It can accurately indicate the instantaneous fault and eliminate the hidden trouble of the power supply.

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