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Detection Method and Implementation of the Intelligent Distribution Network Fault Indicator

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With the improvement of living standards and the increase of population, the global demand for electricity will continue to grow and the per capita power consumption will increase in the next 50 years. A reliable and stable electricity supply is essential for the overall growth of all countries. Moreover, the accurate fault current indicator is one of the most important and widely used components in power transmission and distribution.

automated overhead Line fault indicator



Main Market Insight of Fault Current Indicators


Advance fault current indicators can indicate the fault in the power system directly or remotely, which is usually used to detect the fault automatically and reduce the outage time of users. Modern automated fault current indicators can also use different mechanisms for fault detection, which usually include current and voltage detection, fault identification, fault indicator drive, fault status indication, signal output automatic delay and reset control.


The reliable fault current indicator is usually installed on an overhead line, overhead cable, buried cable, or switchgear busbar, so it can detect voltage by detecting space electric field potential gradient and line current through electromagnetic induction.


According to the type, digital fault current indicators can be divided into overhead line fault indicators, cable fault indicators, and panel fault indicators. The sensor and display part of the overhead type fault indicator is integrated into a unit and is mechanically fixed to overhead lines (including bare conductors and insulated conductors). Cable fault indicator usually consists of three-phase sequence fault indicators and one zero-sequence fault indicator. The display unit of the panel type fault indicator is usually embedded in the operation panel of the switch cabinet.


According to the application, the accurate cable fault passage indicator is divided into grounding indicator and short circuit indicator. Few plasma-based machines use currents up to 10000 amperes, so fault current indicators are needed to avoid potential accidents and hazards.


The main market drivers for global fault indicators are the growing global demand for electricity and the modernization of aging electrical infrastructure, which drives the demand for modern products.


The main market driver for global automated cable fault passage indicators is the growing global demand for electricity and the modernization of aging electrical infrastructure drives the demand for modern products. In addition, tariffs and trade restrictions also play an important role in the price rise of the MI market.

accurate electric wire fault indicator



Area Analysis of Fault Current Indicators


Based on the regional analysis, the MI market has been divided into seven regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.


With increased manufacturing and industrial activity in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India, the Asia Pacific region dominates the market, which will also stimulate electricity demand.

In recent years, the U.S. government has taken the initiative to modernize the aging electrical infrastructure, thus accelerating the demand for the MI market, which has also been widely adopted in Europe, Australia, and Canada in recent years.

The emergence of electrification and renewable energy generation projects in Latin America, the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, and Africa will increase the demand for reliable cable fault passage indicators in the near future.

Renewable interconnections in Europe and international grid connections have stimulated the demand for digital cable fault passage indicators

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