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Current Situation Analysis of Cable Fault Passage Indicators

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With the continuous development of information technology, the automated cable fault passage indicator is not only more accurate and reliable in judging fault but also can transmit fault information remotely. The fault location can be known without the line patrol personnel arriving at the fault site, which can further improve the fault processing speed, shorten the fault outage time, and ensure the safe operation of the power system.

automated cable fault passage indicator



Working Principle of Cable Fault Passage Indicators


Accurate cable fault passage indicators can be divided into short circuit fault indicator and earth fault indicator according to its function. The reliable short circuit fault indicator is generally composed of current detection, fault diagnosis, time detection, fault indication drive, fault status indication, signal output, and automatic delay reset control. When the short circuit fault occurs, the advanced short circuit fault indicator can detect the current change of the line, judge the fault, and give the fault indication by detecting the electromagnetic induction of the wire. The digital earth fault passage indicator adopts mechanical rotation to indicate fault. Besides, it is white in normal operation and red in case of short circuit fault.



Causes of Cable Fault Passage Indicators


Line fault tripping is an important factor affecting the safe operation and management of cables and there are many reasons for fault tripping.


The development of an urban and rural economy. There are some problems in the urban and rural distribution networks, such as overlong lines, too many branches, small line diameter, overload operation of lines, and overload operation of distribution transformers.

The increasing material and cultural needs of residents increase the demand for electric energy and increase the load of power supply.

Some factors, such as inadequate line operation management, insufficient capital investment, insufficient safe distance between wires and houses, and unbalanced load between phases, lead to frequent fault tripping of the distribution network.

The influence of climate and the other natural environment. Bad weather such as thunder and rain will result in broken wire, reversing pole, and power equipment damaged.

External force damage, such as car crash pole, tower foundation excavation, and tower material theft.

Equipment quality and construction quality problems. Time can also lead to equipment aging, such as switches, porcelain bottles, wires, and other equipment failures. At the same time, artificial reasons will damage the equipment, such as there are hidden defects during construction and installation.

accurate cable fault passage indicator



Current Situation of Cable Fault Passage Indicators in China


The current reliable cable fault passage indicators can judge and handle the fault current accurately. After 15 years of use, the stability of the digital cable fault passage indicators has been proved to be able to meet the actual demand.

When the short-circuit current of the distribution cable system increases suddenly, the advanced cable fault passage indicator can react quickly.

When the distribution line system is struck by lightning or the voltage drops to zero caused by short-circuit, the accurate electric wire fault passage indicator can also make an accurate judgment.

The automated electric wire fault passage indicator of the distribution line system can adapt to any load condition.

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