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Causes of Common Faults in Transmission Lines

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Transmission lines are the most basic part of the power system. In recent years, many large-scale blackouts have been caused by transmission line failures. Many companies use remote monitoring systems to control power transmission lines, as well as ground fault indicators, power line fault indicators and other devices.


In order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of line failures and improve the reliability of power transmission, it is necessary to deeply analyze the causes of transmission line failures and formulate different prevention measures(The common method is to install the automated cable fault indicator monitoring system). Based on the analysis of the types of short circuit fault trips and fault data of transmission lines in China in recent years, the following electrical short circuit fault reasons are summarized, including lightning strikes, icing galloping, wind eccentric discharge, pollution flash, etc. This article will focus on the analysis of several common causes of transmission line faults.

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1. Lightning Strike Accidents

From the perspective of the climatic environment, lightning strike accidents are inevitable, mainly due to the periodic changes in various areas of lightning strike activities. China has many hilly basins or mountainous areas, and regular thunderstorms often occur, which will increase the probability of lightning strikes and the probability of lightning strikes accidents on power lines. In terms of the geographical environment, most areas in China have relatively high resistance, because the poles have relatively large resistance, which causes the line to trip. Due to weather factors, transmission lines in many mountainous areas in China often expose large areas of conductor arcs, which greatly increases the probability of lightning strikes and also increases the probability of tripping.



2. Icing Coating Failure

1) Falling Tower

The main reason for the falling tower is that if the ice coating occurs when the transmission line is running, the pressure on the falling tower will be higher than the maximum capacity. At this time, the pole will collapse or deform because it cannot withstand the actual pressure. If the above-mentioned problem occurs on the pole, it will cause the unnecessary failure of electrical equipment.


2) Mismovement of Wires

If the wire has an icing problem, it will generate gravity to cause serious deformation of the pole. If there is artificial vibration or the temperature rises, it will cause the icing to fall off, the elastic properties of the wire will gradually become the kinetic energy of the wire, causing the wire to jump, so that the pole and the wire will shake seriously and cause the wire to malfunction. 

3. Wind-biased Discharge Failure

Most of the transmission lines are in high wind areas. Under the influence of high winds, the transmission lines will be deflected or offset. In addition, when the air gap is gradually reduced and the local field strength is increased, the local high field strength will appear at the tips of the poles and fittings, so that the transmission line is very prone to suffer discharge problems. Generally speaking, wind-biased discharge is prone to occur at the edges of angle irons, foot nails, and shock-proof hammers.

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4. Pollution Flashover on Transmission Lines

When configuring and designing the insulation of transmission lines, due to the relatively low design level and imperfect climate data and environmental governance measures, the lines will be defaced. If severe environmental pollution or bad weather occurs, it will reduce the power system's anti-pollution flashover ability, so that the transmission line cannot operate normally.


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