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Causes and Solutions of Electrical Circuit Failures

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In any enterprise or institution, electricians are indispensable. Electricians can accurately and timely determine the short circuit in power system. This requires electricians to be very familiar with circuit maintenance knowledge and be able to deal with problems flexibly according to specific conditions. Today we will mainly introduce the causes and solutions of electrical circuit failures.


It is common for electrical circuits to fail due to some reasons. The failure of the electrical circuit is nothing more than three failures: the main circuit or control circuit has a short circuit, a circuit break, or a circuit grounding.

power line short circuit

1. Short Circuit of Electrical Circuit

1) Reasons. The maintenance is serious, with no overhaul for many years, improper operation, and equipment problems.


2) Carry out troubleshooting and power-off inspection. Because there is a short circuit, the resistance value of the line is very small or close to zero, so use a multi-meter to measure the resistance value at the two ends of the line. In order to measure more accurately, it is best to set the resistance gear to low gear. When the reading is small or zero, the line must be short-circuited. When checking the power line short circuit fault, it is found that the electrical line has large-capacity capacitor equipment, and the capacitor needs to be turned off for measurement. If the electrical circuit is multi-circuit in parallel, check the branches one by one until the short circuit branch is detected. It is best to check the most easily overlooked area.


2. Breakdown of Electrical Circuit

1) Reason. The connection is loose, the short-circuit current is too large, the fuse is blown, and some electrical components are faulty, such as poor switch contacts, contactors, relays, rotary switches, reset switches, etc.


2) Carry out troubleshooting and power-on and power-off inspection. The power-on inspection is to measure whether there is the voltage at both ends of the electrical component. Because the circuit is open, there must be no current in the circuit, and it is impossible to produce a voltage drop in each electrical component. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage at both ends of each component or wiring in the circuit, indicating that there is an open circuit in the section where the test leads are overlapped. Sometimes the light bulb can be used to find out the position of the open circuit. The power-off inspection is to check whether the resistance is infinite. The measurement is to find that the resistance value of the test pen section is infinite, there must be a break point. When encountering some electrical components, such as contactors, relays, and various switches, manually operate to determine whether there is a false open circuit, so as to avoid increasing unnecessary maintenance.

accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system



3. Grounding Faults of Electrical Circuit

There are still many single-line ground short circuit faults in electrical circuits, and basically they can be caused by various reasons. Some electrical control cabinets have a grounding fault indicator, which does not light up when the line is grounded. At this time, the elimination method should be used to gradually disconnect the ungrounded equipment, various electrical equipment, various electrical components, etc., until the grounding short circuit fault indicator returns to normal. When the ground fault indicator returns to normal, it indicates that there is a grounding phenomenon somewhere under inspection.


As for the control loop of the electrical circuit, due to the large number of various electrical components and other control equipment, it is necessary to be patient and think while looking for the electrical short circuit fault point. It also requires high comprehensive ability.


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