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Can Transmission Line Fault Monitoring System Improve the Efficiency of Fault Repair?

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With the development of the economy and the progress of science and technology, China has put forward higher requirements for the construction of the power system. As an important part of the power system, digital cable fault indicator monitoring systems bear more and more responsibilities and face more and more fault problems.

automated cable fault indicator monitoring system



Why Should A Transmission Line Fault Monitoring System Be Installed?


The distribution network has the characteristics of complex structure, long transmission distance, many branch lines, and exposed to the wild all year round, so it is often threatened by severe weather such as a hurricane, rainstorm, thunder, and snow, etc. In such extreme weather conditions, the line will accelerate aging, resulting in external breakage, virtual connection, short circuit, grounding, and power failure, which greatly affects the power supply quality of power units, interferes with the normal production and operation of the majority of users and brings various economic losses to the power supply unit.


In the face of this phenomenon, the power supply unit can only rely on experienced technicians to check the line section by climbing towers and reclosing switch. Due to the complex terrain, branches, and network structure along the line, it is difficult to accurately find the fault point only relying on personnel search without corresponding information technology and reliable cable fault indicator monitoring systems. Accuracy, real-time, and effectiveness of the discount will not only lead to far from reaching the effect of timely repair but also waste a lot of manpower and capital. In order to cooperate with the power supply bureau in the emergency repair of distribution network faults, Chaobo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a transmission line accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system.



How About Transmission Line Fault Monitoring System?


The transmission line automated cable fault indicator monitoring system is a fault detection equipment which combines induction power technology, wireless communication technology, and information network technology. Through the front-end detection device of the accurate electric wire fault indicator monitoring system, the load current and temperature of the line are monitored in real-time. In the case of abnormal grounding, short circuit, power failure, and power transmission, the reliable cable fault passage indicator will flip the plate and flash to show alarm. At the same time, the fault information is sent to the automated electric wire fault indicator monitoring system and the mobile phones of relevant personnel through a wireless network or mobile phone short message, so as to facilitate the staff to quickly, accurately, and intuitively find the fault point. With the help of the reliable electric wire fault indicator monitoring system, timely maintenance can reduce the economic loss caused by failure.

accurate electric wire fault indicator monitoring system


With the rapid development of the smart grid, real-time fault repair is no longer a difficult problem. The application of the transmission line advanced cable fault indicator monitoring system not only effectively improves the efficiency of actual repair of distribution network fault but also improves the service quality of power enterprises in many aspects, which makes a great contribution to the security and reliability of power supply in China.

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