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Can Fault Indicators Be Used to Reduce Electrical Equipment Failures?

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Machine tools may be affected by adverse factors in operation, such as mechanical vibration, insulation aging of electrical components, electric arc burning, natural wear, environmental temperature, humidity, erosion of harmful gases, quality, the natural life of components, and other reasons, which inevitably lead to various faults in electrical circuits, which can be monitored and checked by accurate fault circuit indicator.



Types of electrical faults of machine tools


The electrical faults of machine tools can be divided into two categories: one is the faults with obvious appearance features and easy to be found, such as overheating, smoking, burning smell of motors, and electrical components; The other is the hidden fault without external features, which mostly occurs in the control circuit, such as mechanical action failure, poor contact of contact, loose wiring, and damage of individual parts.


The more complex the electrical circuit, the greater the probability of failure. Some instruments and tools, such as digital short circuit fault indicator and automated 12KV indicator fault, are often needed when encountering hidden and difficult faults. Also, many machine tools are often combined control of mechanical and hydraulic, so maintenance personnel should not only be familiar with and master certain electrical knowledge but also need to master mechanical and hydraulic knowledge.





Once there is a fault of the machine tool, the maintenance personnel should timely investigate and study the fault on the site and use the reliable fault circuit indicator to find the fault.


Ask the operator of the machine tool to know the fault phenomenon, the situation before and after the failure, and the frequency of the failure, such as whether there is smoke, ignition, an abnormal sound, abnormal smell, improper operation, and abnormal control, etc.

Check the electrical equipment, such as observing whether the fuse box is fused, whether the electrical components are burnt, whether the insulation is burnt, whether the circuit is broken, and whether the screw is loose.

Check whether there is abnormal sound in the operation of electrical components, such as the sound of ignition and the hum of the motor.

Touch electrical components and equipment by hand to check whether there are abnormal phenomena such as overheating and vibration. If the temperature rises rapidly, the power supply should be cut off and some electrical components such as motor, transformer, and electromagnetic coil should be touched by hand in time.


accurate electric wire fault passage indicator

According to the fault investigation results, analyze the electrical schematic diagram, and narrow the inspection scope, so as to determine the fault location. If the lighting or signal light is not on, it is easy to determine the circuit where the fault is. In the case of no power supply, use the instrument (such as the accurate electric wire fault indicator) to further check the circuit where it is and quickly find the fault point.


For some faults with apparent features, it is easy to find fault points through appearance inspection and digital electric wire fault indicators. Those without obvious appearance features often need to be further searched. The use of advanced electric wire fault indicators and other tools is a very effective way to find electrical faults. For example, check the starting current of the motor with the automated fault current indicator and check whether there is power with the electric pen.


As the machine tool has hydraulic and mechanical transmission devices, attention should be paid to the inspection of hydraulic and mechanical faults in the inspection and judgment of faults with the help of an accurate electric wire fault passage indicator. In practice, you should flexibly use an accurate cable fault indicator monitoring system according to the fault situation and accumulate experience through specific practice.

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