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Brief Introduction Of The Short Circuit Fault Indicator

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The fault indicator is an intelligent device installed on the power line for online detection and indication of short circuit and earth faults. So, what about the short circuit fault indicator? We will let you know about it!



The role of short circuit fault indicators

The short circuit fault indicator refers to a device used to indicate the flow of electrical short circuit fault current. The principle is to use the positive current mutation and the line power failure to detect the fault when the line fails. According to the characteristics of the power line short circuit, the fault is judged by measuring the sudden change and duration of the current in the line by electromagnetic induction method. Therefore, it is a fault detection device that adapts to load current changes and is only related to the short-circuit current component at the time of the fault. Its criterion is more comprehensive, which can greatly reduce the possibility of misoperation.

short circuit fault indicator




Brief introduction of short circuit fault indicators

The short circuit in power system indicator is composed of electronic components and mechanical structure. It is installed on the power cable and collects the load current of the line when the line is in normal operation; when the line fails, it is a device that judges the types of electrical shorts of the power line and gives an indication signal.



1. Fault indication

During normal operation, the window is displayed in white; when an electronic short circuit or ground fault occurs, the window is displayed in red or light.


2. Online operation

It is installed directly on the overhead power lines and is maintenance-free.


3. Good adaptability

The automated cable fault indicator can judge automatically, flop alarm during the day, and light up alarm at night, quickly indicate faulty lines and fault points, reduce the area of power outages, and avoid the impact of traditional multiple closing and patrol lines on power users and power equipment.


4. Strong anti-interference

The signal is not affected by wiring, excitation inrush current, high-order harmonics, current fluctuations, especially the bypass of the distributed capacitance of the cable.


5. Automatic reset

After the indicator moves, it will reset automatically according to the set time. (*The automatic reset time can be set by the user according to the line environment, line inspection length, department requirements, etc.)


6. Live loading and unloading

The live loading and unloading is extremely simple and does not affect the line operation.

short circut fault indicator


7. Fixing method

The short circuit fault indicator adopts a compression spring fixing method, and the ground fault indicator adopts an open through-core CT. Do not use metal bolts, hoops, cable ties and other materials and methods for fixing.


8. Other performance requirements:

Both the card wire structure and the plastic shell adopt special materials and processing techniques, which are waterproof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion; the shell and the overall structure have design measures for shockproof, anti-collision, and anti-drop damage. The mechanical strength of the indicator should ensure that the performance and appearance are not damaged when it falls freely on the concrete floor at a height of less than 1 meter.

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