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5 Reasons Why Radio Frequency Communication Networks Help Rural Power Cooperatives?

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The use of wireless RF-based networks to implement advanced metering infrastructure poses special challenges for rural power cooperatives. Many cooperatives stretch for thousands of miles, and the distances between individual meters and meter groups are long. Since these systems require equipment and infrastructure distributed throughout the service area to operate, this fact may make it difficult to cost-effectively implement RF networks that consistently deliver data. Nowadays, most of the partners working with Chaobo use solutions that can work on the overhead power lines, thereby eliminating the need for other infrastructure.

RF communication network



Several reasons why radio frequency communication network helps rural power cooperatives

1. Control the distribution network

Radio frequency networks allow utilities to monitor the voltage of meters, power transformers, and substations on the low-power side of the overhead power distribution network. This allows utility companies to manage their distribution networks more flexibly, allowing them to better control the voltages of transformers and substations, with fewer negative impacts on the system.


2. Handling interrupts

Real-time data on voltage and blink count (a measure of electricity consumption), as well as the "last beep" signal from the meter, can be relayed directly to the outage management system, provided that the data utility needs to actively resolve the outage problem--sometimes they even need to be reported by customers.


3. Supervise asset deployment

The precise data on the extent of power outages provided by the RF network helps utility companies plan the dispatch of maintenance personnel, which has a major advantage in reducing the time for customers to lose power.


4. Manage peak demand

RF electrical systems can provide data in the shortest interval (up to five minutes), allowing utility companies to collect the data needed to calculate peak demand and real-time consumption rates of usage time.


5. Prepare distributed energy

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewable energy accounts for nearly 15% of U.S. electricity generation. As solar and wind power become part of the utility sector, utilities must prepare for the impact of these distributed resources on the grid. RF can handle distributed generation by allowing the utility company to manage the power sent back to the utility company and provided to customers.



What does RF Electric bring?

 RF power grid is a point-to-multipoint system that has many advantages for rural power cooperatives.


First of all, like the mesh system, as a point-to-multipoint system, it can transmit meter data directly to the collector instead of communicating through the meter, thereby reducing the need for signal boosters or repeaters. The data collector can be placed on existing assets.

RF communication network


Second, the system provides a high redundancy rate, so at least two data collectors (three in some cases) collected 99.9% of all meter readings. This ensures that even if the data collector fails, the utility rarely loses meter readings.


If you want to find the faults in the network as quickly as possible, you can try a line fault indicator, which includes fault indicators underground, fault indicators overhead lines, earth leakage indicator, fault path indicators, fault current indicators, etc. according to the using situation and function.


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